Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Fruitland, Missouri
The Pleasant Hill Church and cemetery are located in Fruitland, Missouri, which is approximately 8 miles north of Cape Girardeau.  The Church was established in 1838.

Dear Friends,

The "Annual Pleasant Hill Day" will be held Sunday, May 26th.  The worship will be at 11:00 followed by a basket dinner on the grounds at noon.  All families are asked to please bring a dish, their own table service, folding tables and chairs.

This is the time we all look forward to each year, when we gather with friends and family in worship and fellowship to honor those of our loved ones who are laid to rest in this beautiful cemetery.  Bring your family and friends, photos or any memorabilia that you would like to share.

During one of the many storms this past year we lost a very old maple tree in the cemetery.  It took out some of the white fencing, but thankfully only did minor damage to a few stones.  We also had wind damage to some of the siding on the church.  Hopefully we will have the tree cleaned up by this date, but I doubt that we will have the fence repaired by then.

Our guest speaker this year will be Lewis Bock, Officer of the Pleasant Hill Cemetery Association, with his son, Richard singing the special music for us.

We sincerely hope you will be able to attend Pleasant Hill Day and take part in this fourth Sunday in May meeting.  However, if you cannot attend and with to make a contribution for the continuing upkeep of the cemetery grounds and building, you may send it to Lee Ann Schenimann, 474 Duskin Lane, Jackson, MO  63755.

Joe Mathews, President
711 County Road 533
Jackson, MO  63755
(573) 243-0303

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Contact LeeAnn Schenimann about making donations:  474 Duskin Lane, Jackson, MO 63755,
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